Thursday, October 27, 2016

What's more valuable than priceless?

Teaching kids geography: Cool.
Hearing Hollywood refer to your book series as "a property": Awesome.
Writing book 3 in the Crime Travelers trilogy: Priceless.

Priceless is Now Available: 
This is the 3rd book in the middle-grade series that editor Mark Robichaux says,
"reads like The Bourne Identity -- but for kids."

Not for you?
But still want to help kids learn about the world?
Please forward this to a 4 - 7 grade teacher.

Thanks for the support!

Here's an early review from someone named Margo.

PRICELESS is an action packed ride of underwater scuba adventures and elaborate art heists. Sprinkled amongst the story are interesting and educational examples of Spanish cuisine, art, language, and geography. Most importantly, the book contains a positive lesson on what is truly priceless in life and what can be accomplished through collaboration and a sense of purpose. Lucas Benes and the New Resistance kids have triumphed once again!

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