Saturday, November 22, 2014

Let's inspire more kids to read more!

This is my first Facebook ad.

It was crazy easy to set up and not really very expensive. If you're in the business of selling books (that includes writers who have a "marketing team"), then I'm thinking this might be great opportunity.

But not just for selling books.

For me, my books--the Crime Travelers series--are geared toward 4th - 8th grades. "Like the Bourne Identity but for kids."

If I target my ads to moms and dads who are looking to keep their middle school child reading, then I'm doing more than just selling books. I'm actually helping people find things (books in this case) for their kids.

This is all part of my new "Brainwashed author inspires kids to read" campaign, where I focus more on kids reading in general as opposed to just selling books.

How about you? Have you run any ads on Facebook? On Twitter?


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