Sunday, May 4, 2014



I agree. We need diverse books. 

I’ve always been concerned about diversity in literature. For me, diversity can mean more than race, gender, or ethnicity; it can mean socio-economic, geographic, or cultural diversity.

This diverse book campaign reminds me of Mike McQueen’s hugely successful #GettingBoysToRead movement. In Mike’s new book, he gives educators tips on helping and encouraging boys to … well… um … read.

Still, boys have to have something to read. They need an actual book, a novel, they want to read. But those books exist! We just have to put them in the boys’ hands. Equally, we need diverse books. But at the same time, I would say that we actually have them. We may not have enough, but they are there.

We have to promote the books that address these needs. Let’s take this “We Need” to a higher level. If we want those books, if we need those books then let’s start by showcasing the books that we already have.

Let’s raise up these diverse books and boy books by promoting them. I’ll start by showing two of my all-time favorite books that satisfy both categories: diverse and boys. 

Both diverse. Both boy books.

Please share your favorite diverse book or your favorite book for boys in the comments!

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