Monday, April 21, 2014

Promote Your Book by Meeting Twitter Friends Face to Face

This is a partial re-posting of a blog by my Twitter friend, Leisa Greene at Indie It Press.

Brainwashed – Crime Travelers Series by Paul Aertker: teacher, author, and world traveler.  

I met Paul through twitter over a year ago.  While vacationing in Missoula, Montana, Paul took the extra effort to meet me last summer.  We met at a local coffee shop, Liquid Planet, face to face.  Paul helped me to realize that the twitter supporters out there are real, and constant.  He is an avid indie supporter and believes in what I am doing here at Indie It Press.  It is an honor to help promote his book Brainwashed written for kids ages 10-14, and I am proud to call him a friend.

Book one of Paul’s Brainwashed (Crime Travelers)is a realistic middle-grade action-adventure novel about international teenagers who race through Paris to sabotage the Good Company’s profitable kidnapping business.
LG:  What was your creative process and timeline working on Crime Travelers?
PA: I stopped counting the rejections at one hundred. Then I boldly quit by Read the full post here:
Thanks to Leisa Greene for doing this interview.