Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Best New Book For Kids Ages 10 +

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Crime Travelers—Book One: Brainwashed is “a fast-paced and endlessly clever action-adventure novel with a globe-trotting plot.”
    While sleeping on the roof of his father's hotel, thirteen-year-old Lucas Benes finds a baby alone and learns that the Good Company has restarted its profitable kidnapping business. Multilingual and already on his third passport, Lucas leads a network of international teenagers through the hotspots of Paris-from the catacombs to the Eiffel tower-in an all-out effort to spoil a brainwashing ceremony that could potentially turn them all into ‘Good’ kids.

    A realistic middle-grade (tween) action-adventure novel packed with secret societies, questionable friends, and international chases.

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“Reads like Jason Bourne, but for kids.”
—Chris Everheart, award-winning author of The Delphi Trilogy

“A superb page-turner.”
—Mark Robichaux, editor, and author of Cable Cowboy

“An entertaining and exhilarating ride… a welcome addition to any library.”
—Elizabeth Zoby, librarian, Denver, Colorado

“I love how math helps Lucas and his team escape danger at every corner.”
—Kevin Graovac, middle school math teacher

“At first glance, Lucas Benes, the hero of Crime Travelers: Brainwashed, is a typical teenage boy, impulsive, insecure, and brash.  Yet, like most adolescents, he proves to be so much more: resourceful, courageous, and most importantly, kind.”
—Josh Cobb, Head of Middle School, Graland Country Day School

“Perfect for preteens and early teens who envision days of action and excitement.”
— Jane Phillips, education consultant

Quotes from the back of the book. More info @ www.crimetravelers.com
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