Thursday, May 28, 2009


When people put the book they're reading down, they tend to put it face-down.

This is a theory.

I met a guy at the 10-minute massage chair. He was reading when I came up and he set the book down, face-down and upside-down, and he looked at me and said hi I'm Kevin. And then he rubbed my shoulder.

I paid and asked what he was reading and he told me and that was that. But I had to ask.

What's going on here?

People hiding titles.
Is this only done in public? You see it on trains and planes. Newspapers in caf├ęs.

Are people deliberately concealing the face of the book, hiding what they're reading?

Or do they love the book so much that they're keeping it a secret? Just for themselves.
I like that idea.

The book here on my desk is upside-down and face-down, which is perfectly appropiate for this title.

Is yours face-down?

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